About Us

Herrera School of Fine Arts & Dual Language is a kindergarten through grade eight school that focuses on academic achievement with a special focus on fine arts and language. Students have the opportunity to engage in dance, drama, choral music, instrumental music, visual arts and physical education. The fine arts enrich and expand the academic experience.

In addition to the focus on fine arts, students are engaged in each of the core subject areas. Students at Herrera achieve academic, artistic and linguistic success.

With the grand opening of the Herrera Performing Arts Center in October of 2010, the students and staff are making their programs even better. The Center boasts over 26,000 square feet for a combination auditorium/gymnasium, four classrooms for dance, drama, music and band, a fly- loft, stagecraft area, ticket booth, raised control booth and a stage with complete rigging. The building will be Silver orGold Certified with the United States Green Building Council under the LEED for schools criteria. This incredible facility enables the school to further their unique programs in the performing arts for the students of Herrera.